The Unaffiliated Blood Bowl League is a conglomeration of coaches seeking like-minded opponents for a series of casual games. League format will be outlined here for clarity. Let us have some good spirited fun.
The goal here is for everyone to have a good time while playing some friendly yet competitive Blood Bowl. Please be aware that this is everyone's entertainment so be a good sport.

If your interested in joining contact the commission at

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Dec. 13th, 2020
Season 2 Final Results
With the conclusion of our second season. We have seen an underdog take the gold home. The Bloodbeard's Alehouse dwarves came from the bottom of standings and march right up to the champions platform. Yanking the gold from the necks of Skaven and Elf alike.
- Matt
Nov. 13th, 2020 - old news
Future Season Plans
The commission is going to hold off on organizing season three. The digital play option was adopted as a stop-gap with Covid until we could resume normal play. Events have continued to escalate and safety is paramount.
League play will resume once we are past the covid quarantine. I hope that means we get a spring or summer season. But it shall remain to seen how things progress.
- Matt
Oct. 30th, 2020 - old news
October Standings
We are going into the home stretch with a final month of games to play through.

Standings at the end of October:
1st: House Do-Urden
2nd: Elven Bombardiers
3rd: Squeakattle Spitehawks
4th: Bloodbeard's Alehouse
Last Place: Joe's Bait Shop

This month we will see if the Joe's can clamber their way back into the play-offs or if the end of the season will be sooner for them than the other teams.
The House Do-Urden maintain a strong lead for the championship.
- Matt
Aug. 18th, 2020 - old news
August Final Results
At the end August we find the top spot held by the grubby clawed paws of Squeakattle Spitehawks.
A close second place held by the House Do-Urden.
The highest casualty count is held by the Squeakattle Spitehawks with having inflicted nine injuries.
The touchdown differential is tied by three team with having one more touchdown scored than given up to their opponents. Squeakattle Spitehawks and the Elven Bombardiers both have a 3-2 score rating with House Do’Urden showing 2-1.
The only team to show two losses is Joe’s Bait Shop with an overall touchdown showing of 1-4 while also showing a casualty ranking of 1-7. Holding the only deaths so far this season tallied up with three dead.
The season looks like it will be close between Squeakattle Spitehawks, House Do-Urden and Elven Bombardiers.
Joe’s Bait Shop appears to be out for the season but they hope to turn things around.
- Matt
Aug. 6th, 2020 - old news
Tail end results for the Tailgate
Each team was able to get in both tailgate games and it was as harried as it was nail-biting.
Two tie games.
Ten touchdowns.
Seventeen casualties.
Attended by 87,000 fans.
Most Touchdowns in a single game by Elven Bombardiers. Winning 3-0 over Squeakattle Spitehawks.
Most Casualties in a single game by Bloodbeard's Alehouse. Causing five casualties to his unfortunate victims.
One interception by an errant Trollslayer serving Bloodbeard's Alehouse.
Most SPP earned by the minotaur Joe Namataur serving Joe's Bait Shop with 16 spp in two games. (Three casualties and two MVP)
Only two players recovered from death by nefarious "apothecaries".
- Matt

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